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Water well drilling

Process though a mystery to most people, is relatively a straight forward process of digging a hole in the ground in search for well water.
Before any drilling can begin your well drilling contractor will need to go over the site and discuss with you what you will be using the well for and your water well needs. Usually local authorities place regulations on where a well can be drilled and your local well driller is familiar with these laws.

There are certain set back requirements and distances from structures, road ways (public or private) as well as, distance requirements from any sewer or septic systems. After discussing the well location your contractor may ask several questions regarding the usage you plan on doing with the water. It’s important for him/her to know this because then they will be able to determine while they are drilling if the water they drill into will be of adequate supply and that helps determine how deep the well needs to be drilled. For example if you just need a well that will suffice a one bathroom two bedroom home and it passes the local regulations for water quantity requirements your well may not need to be that productive versus a well that needs to supply a 4 bathroom home with 5 bedrooms plus a 10 zone irrigation system. Then that well will need to have a relatively large amount of gallons per minute.

The actual drilling for a water well requires a shaft or deep hole drilled down into the ground extending into the water bearing formations. The average water well is about 400 feet deep and must be drilled by specialized water well drilling equipment. There are different types of drilling methods depending on your geological location with the type of rock in your general area. The two most popular style of borehole drilling techniques are air rotary drilling method and mud rotary drilling technique. Both water well drilling methods use rotary style drilling. Meaning the drilling machine crushes or cuts the earth by a rotating drill system of a drill bit and drill piping. The only difference is one uses air to clean out the borehole while the other flushes the borehole with a mixture of water.

In the end a completed well will have a well head with a cap at the top this sticks above ground. The well cap should be the type that has a sanitary seal that keeps insects and rodents out of your well. The well cap sits on top of your well casing which is a pipe that is placed in the top part of the drilled well to prevent surface water from getting into the well. On average well casing extends down below the ground 40-60 Ft. Though in some type of rock formations, water well casing may extend much deeper. Casing is necessary to keep the hole from caving in. Well casing comes in 20 Ft. lengths, they are screwed together and at the very bottom there is a seal or drive shoe that prevents surface water from entering the well. Under this casing and drive shoe is the actual well. Simply a hole drilled into solid rock in search of water.

When it comes to water well drilling there are a variety of reasons as to a well is needed such as: commercial use for cooling equipment; residential for a new home construction; irrigation to water their lawn especially if they live on town water; geothermal as a source for heat and air conditioning or agricultural to serve the watering needs of their livestock. Average cost of drilling a water well depends greatly on your location, type of well drilled and the application you intend to use it for. Whatever your need is to drill a well we have the experts who can discuss all your concerns and go over any questions you may have.

Replacement Wells

At times, a new well is required as a replacement for an existing well. Many individuals wonder how much does a new water well cost. Cost is associated with footage where most drillers charge on a per foot basis. Though the upfront cost to install a new well is in the thousands ultimately in the end that cost is well worth it and a new well can pay for itself within a few short years relative to having to pay for town or city water. Installing a new replacement well would need to be drilled adhering to all the regulations for set-back requirements including distances from the existing well. Depending on where your located some local health departments will not allow a property to own two wells especially if they are only using one well. Make sure you talk in great length with your drilling contractor regarding the reasons why you need a replacement well and if it is required to abandon the current well.

Deepening Wells

Certain situations where a well is on the shallower side well owners elect to deepen their existing well. Usually this is the case when their property doesn’t allow for the set-back requirements for a new well and are restricted in deepening the current one. Deepening a well is when a driller simply goes into the existing well and drills it deeper.

How much does it cost to dig a well deeper? There is usually a set up charge to bring in the equipment and then the deepening is usually charged out by the foot. Something to consider when deepening a well is that the well can’t be used right away because there is an adapter in the well that connects the waterline in the ground from the well to the house and this adapter gets drilled off in the process. An excavating machine is brought in to replace this adapter and typically a new pump is installed in the well.


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