Well Chlorination Services

Are ones that are usually found positive for bacteria. The main three types of bacteria that well water is tested for is Coliform Bacteria, Fecal and E-Coli. Coliform bacteria, a more widespread bacteria, is used as a baseline to determine if bacteria is present in water. When Coliform Bacteria is found, the water is tested further to see if the presence of Fecal or E-Coli, the more harmful types of bacteria, are present.

Since bacteria naturally occurs on the surface and is not found under the ground it can be assumed that the well or well water has been compromised in some sense. Whether there is an issue with the well cap that is allowing contaminants to enter the well or the issue is with the construction of the well and the well casing or perhaps a fracture is allowing surface water to enter the well introducing a contaminant. Those are the main reasons as to how bacteria can enter a well. The easiest and simplest was to rectify a bacteria issue is to super chlorinate a well and see if that clears up the bacteria. Though chlorinating a well is a simple process of a matter of pouring chlorine down the well. There are some important aspects to consider. For example, the power to the pump should always be off when dealing with the well and opening the well cap and once the chlorine is poured into the well the upper wires and fittings should be thoroughly rinsed down. The chlorine first needs to be circulated and then once it is properly circulated needs time to sit time in order to do it’s job of killing the bacteria. There are instances where well owners need to have this procedure performed more than once to remedy the bacteria issue. Though some well owners will try and attempt to perform this relatively simple procedure themselves we recommend having a well professional handle this procedure because there are live wires that need to be handled in the process and if the top of the well is not properly rinsed with fresh water, major problems can result later down the line.

Contact a local well professional today to handle this simple process for you if you happen to have bacteria in your well water.


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