Camera Inspection

The only way to confirm the integrity of a well

Is to perform a camera inspection on the well where it can identify the area of the well that is compromised. With the use of a “Down-The-Hole” Camera a well professional can inspect: the casing; casing joints; sanitary seal at the bottom of the casing where it enters the borehole; fractures within the borehole; how many there are and where they are located for hydro-fracturing or pump placement purposes and the bottom of the hole. If you ever wondered “where well water comes from” it’s educational and interesting to see a well log video at least once to gain a greater understanding of exactly what it looks like down there.

Depending on the contractor and their particular set up some can use the existing well pump to pump the well when performing the camera inspection and others will remove the well pump and use their own portable test pump to pump the well during the inspection. Most contractors that perform these camera inspections are set up to record where the customer can request a copy of the video for later viewing.

We’ve seen a rise in the demand for camera inspections when well owners come across bacteria or salt in their water both which are not suppose to be in groundwater and are looking for answers as to how it’s possible that they are present in their water. Usually after a camera inspection has been performed the well professional will make recommendations as to how to remedy the issue based upon the findings of the camera inspection. Some recommendations may be in install an internal seal or deepen the well, hydro-fracture the well or ultimately abandon the well all together.

Camera inspections give you the most information regarding what is actually going on inside your well, so you as a well owner, can make the most informed decision as to how to move forward in your situation.


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