Well Yield Test

Knowing how much water a well yields is extremely important. A well flow rate test will tell you the Gallons Per Minute or GPM the well is making. A properly performed well yield test procedure will also denote at what elevation the rate of the well is recovering at. Meaning how fast the well is filling back up at a certain footage. A lot of people ask; “what is a good flow rate for a water well” and the simplest answer is whatever is going to suffice the demand. Check with your local authorities as to what the area well regulations are for water quantity requirements. That will give you an idea of what is recommended. Although the more things or individuals that will be using the well then, the higher the demand will be.

What is a good well yield

The well production needs to be able to keep up with the demand then the well will be considered a good producing well. Most irrigation system installers want to see 10 GPM in order to design and size their zones and heads. The average home can live on less than 5 GPM as long as the well is deep enough. If you have a commercial or agriculture situation where you need large amounts of water than you will want a well that produces over 20 GPM.


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