Water Quality Tests

Water Quality Testing

We always want to be smart about our water and one way to do that is to test to see if your well water is good for you to consume.  There are naturally occurring elements in the ground such as Radon and Arsenic that are often found in well water.  When purchasing a new home with a well be sure to have the water quality tested.  A complete water scan that covers not only Radon and Arsenic but bacteria as well.  Well water health problems though rare, can occur especially when rodents have taken up residence in a well.  We won’t go into details but let’s just say we wouldn’t drink that water. Yuck!!!

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Having your water tested annually or at least every two years is important for the health and safety of you and your family.  It is also recommended to have your water quality tested whenever you experience any differences in your water’s; taste, smell or appearance.  These indicate that something has changed with your water and you want to head it off as soon as any signs of change in the water appears.  Ground water can change in quality because the ground is in constant flux, shifting and moving, opening up new fractures all the time.
Be safe and smart when it comes to your water by knowing what’s in it. Water tests are certainly affordable and when looking at them from the big picture they are priceless.

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