House Sale Well Tests

When purchasing a home

It is most important to have the water tested for quality and quantity. Taking a sample from the kitchen faucet will let you know what you will be cooking with and essentially cleaning and washing in. Should the home have a filtration system this will also let you know if the filtration is taking out any impurities that you do not want in the water. Be sure to use one of our reputable well companies who use certified state laboratories to test the water quality.

The well production is also very important when purchasing a home because in order to rectify a low yield well problem the solution is in the thousands of dollars. Typically, when a well does not produce enough water then the well would either need to be hydro-fractured or drilled deeper. In certain instances, there may be the need to drill an entirely new well.

Having a well tested for a home purchase is a wise decision usually one costing a few hundred dollars but saving the buyer thousands in the long run. If looking for a professional well drilling company, contact us today.


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