Problematic Well Water Pump? 3 Indicators Of When You Should Have It Replaced

Problematic Well Water Pump 3 Indicators Of When You Should Have It Replaced

As compared to your refrigerator and HVAC system, your well pump is one of the essential pieces of equipment around your home. All the clean and fresh water you need, for bathing, washing clothes, drinking and cooking, supplied to every room in your home with the help of the well pump. With the on-time repairs, regular maintenance, and inspections it is possible for you to extend the life of your well pump to beyond the average 15-18 years expected lifespan. Here are some pointers you can use to diagnose any problems that may be affecting its performance and uncover any indicators of the impending death of an aging well pump; you can rely on these tips even if you are not sure of the age of your pump.   

Faucets Don’t Have Any Water Coming Out Of Them

It is highly likely that your well equipment to blame if you find that your faucets are not producing any water even in the absence of a severe drought in the state of Massachusetts. If you turn on the water but nothing comes out of your faucets, this points to a serious water pump breakdown- something that seems to be quite straightforward. When this happens, switch off the well pump at the electrical breaker as soon as possible and then use the tips on troubleshooting at the end of this article to diagnose the problem.

“Spitting” or Low Water Pressure

If water comes out of your faucets with a spitting sound due to the presence of air bubbles in the pipes, or the water pressure has dipped significantly, then your well pump might be fast approaching the end of its useful life, especially if there is no ongoing drought that might be responsible for the reduction of water levels in the state. An aging well pump might not have the power or efficiency to pull a steady and highly pressurized stream of water from the well, resulting in low water pressure and the presence of air bubbles in your home’s water pipes.

Your Well Pump Is Always Running

With diminishing efficiency levels, your well pump will be forced to work harder to meet your home’s regular water requirements. Check whether the pressure switch is alternating between the on and off positions on a frequent basis to find out whether the pump is running continuously. You can also find out whether your water pump is always running by checking your electricity bill for unexplained increases in consumption.   

Diagnosing And Solving Common Well Pump Issues

You can investigate water pump or flow issues by checking three essential things to begin with:

Loss Of Power

The electrical circuit supplying power to the water well may have flipped, cutting power to this important piece of equipment; check to see whether this is the case. Reset the tripped circuit, and if it holds, then you no longer have to worry as you have solved the problem. You might need to hire an expert to look at the well pump if the circuit trips as soon as it is reset.  

Problems Linked To The Pressure Tank

For water to be forced through water pipes and out of your faucets in high pressure, the water drawn from the well is directed to a pressure tank where air works to pressurize it. Depending on the type of pressure tank in use, the psi reading should be no lower than 20; check it if you find that there is no water coming from the faucets or you notice a dip in water pressure. Contact your well repair service provider if you see a zero reading.

Problems Related To Plumbing

You might mistake common plumbing problems, like a ruptured or clogged main pipe, for common water pump issues. Look for pools of water around your home and yard if you discover that your well pump is always running; one of the best signs to look for is a frequently clicking pressure switch. Switch the pump off and call in a well expert.  

Not sure what a pressure switch is?  Go to our blog ( on Well Systems 101 and learn about the different components to a well system.

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