How To Know If Your Water Well Is Drying Out

How To Know If Your Water Well Is Drying Out

Unless we go through an experience such as drought, not many people think about their water supply. However, if you own a Water Well, it is actually something that requires monitoring. You as the owner are held responsible for all parts of maintaining this water supply along with the plumbing. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to find out if your water well is starting to dry out, along with methods of rehabilitating it.

When Is It Too Late?

When you buy a property that features its own water well, it is often a complex task to find out if this well offers a source that is still viable when it comes to groundwater. There are two ways to determine whether this well is dry or not. Your first option is to check on the property records, to find out about the most current status associated with this water well. However, keep in mind that many property records are usually not up-to-date. The next option is to consult with a Well Water contractor. These professionals have the skills to identify any problems quickly as well as decommission or refill water wells in order to adhere to the state, federal, and local codes.

Signs Of A Water Well Drying Out

If you are already the owner of your own well and you start to experience issues, you need to look for any signs that indicate that the well is drying out. A common sign includes sputtering faucets, that may indicate that air has entered the water-pumps, which results in both water and air that flows out of your faucets. Consistent low-water pressure and water-pump cycling are signals that the well is drying out, along with a reduction in the quality of the water. When these wells begin drying out, deposits and sediment that collects in the bottom of the well will cause odd tasting or smelling water. The water will also appear murky or even muddy.

However, these indications might also be related to a storage tank, well pump, or wiring issue. You may want to consult with anyone else that uses this aquifer whether they are experiencing this same issue with their groundwater. If you think that the water well on your property is drying out, make sure you contact a reliable and professional Water Well contractor to assist you further.

How Does A Water Well Dry Out?

If the issue is not mechanical, then it mainly has to do with the overall lifespan associated with your water well. The majority of water wells generally last for 20 to 30 years. Mineral scale and sediment will accumulate over the years, which will cause a decrease in your water output.

What Are Your Options

If the water well on your property is drying out, there are a few options available. In some cases, the water level will drop which leaves the water pump (submersible) above the actual water line. The contractors that specialize in water well are able to relocate the pump into a deeper portion of your well when possible. If they are unable to go deeper, then in some cases the ground can be deepened inside the well. This process will involve digging further into the ground, with the hope that this aquifer can go deeper. If this process does not work, hydrofracking might be the next best option. Hydrofracking involves cleaning the well out and the creation of new fractures which helps to return the water back up to the surfaces.

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