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Need 24 Hour Emergency Well Pump Service?! Call or contact us anytime day or night. Our customer service consultants are real live well drilling service professionals who are veterans within the well industry. That’s right, every one of our staff members are actual water well service professionals who can assist in finding you the appropriate well contractor for your water well emergency. Have a “no water” emergency? No problem, don’t hesitate, act now! One of our associates will take great care in obtaining all your important information. You will be asked a few relative and specific questions, then be contacted by a service professional standing by.



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Welcome to Wells Inc. Where the industry of well professionals have joined together for one reason and that is to better serve YOU!  We are NOT just another referral website. Wells Inc is THE SINGLE LOCATION for all things water well related. No, we are not some large conglomerate blindly redirecting you to a contractor. Wells Inc is, “Water All in One”, the industry’s leading water well contractors working in conjunction with each other to bring you direct contractor match up, one stop shopping and unprecedented immediate service like no other industry has or can. We know how important water is and how it is equally important to find a knowledgeable well contractor who is reliable and professional.  With a click of your finger or a touch of your dial you will be directly connected to one of our associates that will assist in finding you a well professional who can accurately diagnose and remedy your water well issue.
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Our mission at Wells Inc., is to utilize our industry knowledge and connect well owners with industry professionals. We know all too well the challenges well owners face when looking for a well contractor who can provide a particular type of service. For example, not all well contractors install pumps; drill wells; do filtration or offer well testing. Seldom will you find a well company that provides all of the services that are necessary to service water wells from soup to nuts. Additionally, it’s also frustrating for a well owner when they need service and a certain contractor they were referred to is unavailable. That is where Wells Inc comes in, armed with our vast industry knowledge and our unique one of a kind network of well professionals. Wells Inc is where well contractors are working together and achieving faster results with more successful water well solutions for well owners.


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Water Well Drilling

Looking to have a new well installed and need a quote concerning water well drilling costs? Submit a quote request and receive quotes from premier well drilling companies in your area. Whether you are looking to install an irrigation well, geothermal well or looking for well drilling services for residential, commercial or agricultural applications. You will find the top professional well companies right here waiting to provide exceptional well drilling services.

Well Deepening

Looking to have your existing well deepened?  This application is for certain situations and there are few well professionals that will take this process on.  Thankfully, we have multiple service professionals here that perform exactly this kind of work and by simply contacting us we can assist you in finding just the right company that will perform this service for you.

Hydrofracturing Water Wells

Also known as well development, well rehabilitation can also be spelled hydrofracking. This is a specialized service and hydrofracking water wells is only performed by a very limited few service professionals, for a well owner this can pose a difficult scenario.  However, we have gathered those professionals and they are part of our community.  You will need to contact us, either fill out our service request form or call where they can contact you.

No Water from Well? Need Emergency Well and Pump Repair?

Are you experiencing no water pressure? There could be several reasons why; such as the pump motor failed, well pump switch is burnt out, or perhaps the pump end is seized. For fast emergency water pump services & repair, call the number listed and be directly connected to a professional Water Well and Pump Specialist who will assist in finding you a well contractor that is suited for your needs.

Well Maintenance and Well Inspections

Looking for well maintenance companies to perform well inspection services or well testing?  We’ve got several companies that perform system diagnostics on pump efficiency with their well water testing & inspection services.

Submersible Well Pump Repair

If your submersible pump is under performing with low pressure then you need to speak to an experienced well professional who can diagnose your problem. Call us now to have your water well issues taken care of right away so you won’t have to deal with a dreaded no water emergency!​

Jet Pump Repair

Have an older style pump system with a jet pump? Can be tough finding a contractor that is willing to still service those older style systems.  No worries, we have the people you are looking for right here.​

Filtration and Filter System Installation

Are you experiencing discoloration or a foul odor coming from your well water?  Perhaps you recently had a water quality test done and it came back with some concerns.  All the premier filtration companies in your area are part of our community and are ready to serve your water filtration needs. ​

Water Pressure Tanks

Are you in need of a new water expansion tank?  Look no further, our contractors carry all the major water storage tank brands and any size that you may need! ​

Well Yield or Well Testing

Need to have your well yield tested or GPM (Gallons Per Minute) checked?  Or do you have a low producing well and need to know what your options are?  We have all the solutions and companies that can assist you in finding out what your current well yield rate is and how to go about rectifying yield problems.​

Need to find a well inspector or did you recently have a home well inspection done? Did the well fail the inspection for the house sale? There are several reputable well inspection companies in your area.

Well Abandonment

Not every well contractor performs well abandonment services and when you need to have a well decommissioned it’s sometimes can be tough finding a reputable company that will handle the process for you. We have taken on that problem and have all the well contractors who perform well abandonments right here that can give you a quote for their well decommissioning procedures.​

Well Chlorination

Do you have a bacteria issue? Then you’ll need to have a well chlorination service completed. We have several well companies that can assist you and walk you through the well chlorination process.

Well Camera Inspection

A well video or down the hole camera inspection is when you have something going on inside your well where your water is contaminated to some degree and to find out exactly what’s going on as to where your well’s integrity has been compromised you will need to have a well inspection with a camera.  Not all well professionals have the expensive camera equipment necessary to perform a camera inspection. However, lucky for you, we have several companies here that can help you with this unique process.​ There can be an ocean of possibilities of what is causing with your well water problems.  When dealing with wells and well water there can be a variety of services necessary from a new well head or well cap replacement to needing a new start capacitor.  We believe that wells are like people where every single one is different.  For this reason is why Wells Inc. exists, so no matter what the issue is you can come to this single solitary location and find the right well company that can service your water well needs.









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